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Ultimate area/distance savings on airport infrastructure

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To provide a solution custom made to the specifications of each project, we work close with airports or consultants from planning, data acquisition design and simulation.

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Airports are facing efficiency challenges as: The cost of time on ground operation, area usage and increase sustainability. These cost management issues will become central for the next generation of airport design

Vortex deflector, is BLEND BETWEEN engineering AND BIOINSPIRATION

Imagine using a wind wall barrier or jetblast deflector (JBD) that redirects and slowdown high energy exhaust from a jet engine, applying pinpoint turbulence. Finally the airports become more sustainable, with less fuel burned on lengthy pushback distances, denser and efficient at the same time, an airline will save up to 10 minutes per airplane per flight. A solution scalable around the globe and you know, time is money.


The benefits will provide airport operators, airline companies, communities and the environment with lower pollution, less costs, lower noise and less time wasted on ground.

The Ground run up enclosures (GREs) provide noise reduction and ejection of hot exhaust gases to deliver an efficient way to perform engine testing in lifecycle and routinely engine servicing. The vortex deflector technology is an unmatched advantage to locate airplanes closer to other planes or buildings, so the airports are more efficient on area usage and friendlier to protect local communities

We love engineering, airplanes and technical stuff that can be introduced on real scenarios, where sales, networking are pluses that blends with the joy to watch it working as a precision machine. We have a great background on aerospace engineering, defence projects, with an award of innovation from CCAS (Camara de Comercio Aburra Sur). And we are graduates as Julian Sierra, with summa cum laude as Aerospace PHD and commendable degree for Isabel Roldan Electronic engineer and Felipe Correa as Aeronautical Engineer.

Vortex Deflector

Vortex deflector is a high-tech company that provide solutions on jetblast deflectors, ground run up enclosures, the vortex pat pending technology provides outstanding performance, that improve profit margins by reducing airplane turnover times and reduced land management costs, it means cutting edge benefits for the environment, airliners and community.

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